What Does New Leadership Mean for Minnesota Transit?

Minnesota State Senator Scott Newman (R- Hutchinson) has recently taken up his position as the chair of the Transportation Committee. Newman has stated that his focus will be to expand funding in Greater Minnesota for construction roads and bridges, while limiting the budget of public transit in the Twin Cities area, as well as the rest of the state. As have many state Republicans over the years, Newman asserts that rural areas of Minnesota have not received their fair share of transportation funding. But what does the data show?

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The Orange Line is in Jeopardy

Dakota County has decided to leave the CTIB (County Transit Improvement Board). The CTIB allegedly retaliated by refusing to fill a $12 million gap from the failed bonding bill with CTIB funds; this puts the Orange Line in jeopardy as the bulk of the funding ($120 out of $150 million) is expected to come from the CTIB pot. Thus the entire project could be delayed or even dropped.

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