Sierra Club at Dragon Festival June 8-9, 2016

by Cassidy CarlisleDragon Festival June 8-9, 2016

While the expectation for this year’s Dragon Festival included high temperatures and loads of rain, it certainly did not hold true once the event began. Instead, we had sun and loads of people! Dragon Festival is an outdoor event that celebrates the diversity of all Asian-Pacific cultures through an annual dragon festival in St. Paul. Throughout both days of the festival, we peered out at the water and watched teams race for the win in the popular Dragon Boat Races, a team sport that originated in China. At this event, corporate as well as crossfit teams raced with 20 team members each, 18 paddlers, one flag catcher, and one drummer! We also filled up on all kinds of Asian and Asian – American food favorites, and we were presented with traditional and modern dances and music – all coming from different countries.

In addition to being a part of Sierra Club’s table asking for support in the Tar Sands and Beyond Coal Campaigns, it was intriguing to stroll through the diverse selection of vendors lining the path from one end of the festival to the other. To our left was a group discussing Asian forms of mediation, on our right was a group advocating for local Republican Party candidates, and across the way was a boys’ wrestling group. There was quite a diversity of groups in attendance!

It was great for the Sierra Club to be part of the event and give people an opportunity to hear about our work! Like with every event Sierra Club attends, there are a good number of people who either already know us or become instantly interested in the cause. Dragon Festival is an event that we love to be at and will continue to attend in mutual support of Asian-Pacific cultures!


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