Duluth Outing – Hike Along the Superior Hiking Trail

by Norm Herron

Photo by Tom Thompson

Photo by Tom Thompson

What a fabulous Spring day, May 21, for a hike on the Superior Hiking Trail! On a 75 degree and sunny day up north in Duluth, the Sierra Club sponsored contingent of 10 hikers + one ten-month old outdoorsman, enjoyed a five mile hike in the Magney-Snively Nature Area. The hike was led by Tim Jung, a veteran Sierra Club hike leader and Norm Herron, a volunteer veteran Superior Hiking Trail trail builder. The wildflowers were abundant: cut-leaf toothwart, yellow and purple violets, large-flowered bellwort, rue anemone, and, of course, the impressive white trilliums.  Great camaraderie, abundant conversation and comparing of hiking experiences. A stop at Clyde Iron restaurant in Lincoln Park rounded out a great hike with some challenges and awesome scenery of Lake Superior at the several overlooks.

White Trillium. Photo by Tom Thompson

White Trillium. Photo by Tom Thompson

Photos by Jessica Tritsch

Photos by Jessica Tritsch

Duluth Hike - Overlook


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