What’s Your (Transportation) Story?

Transportation ForwardTransportation Forward is a new statewide campaign dedicated to building support for new investments in transportation—including “green” options like transit, bicycling and walking. As the Transportation Forward coalition gears up for the 2016 legislative session, there are ways you can get involved! We’re working on growing a collection of real stories from across the state to highlight the needs Minnesotans have for a transportation system that benefits us all–whether we walk, drive, bike, or take the bus or train—or would like to more options to try any of these modes.


Here’s Sebastian’s story: He is a volunteer with our Land Use and Transportation Committee and is a student at St. Paul’s Central High School. He immigrated to Minnesota from Valencia, Venezuela, when he was very young. Sebastian’s mother and father both have full time jobs, so if he needs to get somewhere, often his only option is the bus or the new Green Line train. “Transit connects people who would otherwise be isolated, and folks from different backgrounds. I’ve felt more connected to where I live because I rely on public transportation to get where I need to go. I want it improve for everyone.

How have you been impacted by the transportation options in your community? To share your own story, email Joshua so we can share them! Stories should be just 50-100 words, include your name and where you live. Please be sure to include a photo of yourself (400 px wide or more) and sign this quick consent form online. Thanks!

Stay up to date on what Transportation Forward has planned! Sign up for email updates about the campaign and opportunities to take action here.


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