Meet Legislative Advocate John Hottinger

John Hottinger

John Hottinger

This legislative session, the Sierra Club is privileged to be working with John Hottinger as our advocate at the State Capitol. John recently stepped down from his position as a volunteer leader on the Executive Committee after seven years of board service with the North Star Chapter, including two years as chapter chair.

John brings invaluable experience from 16 years in the Minnesota legislature, including serving as Majority Leader of the Senate, along with his background as an attorney and leader in many nonprofit organizations. While representing Mankato at the state level, he was active in the Council of State Governments (CSG), becoming its national chair in 2004, and he chaired the Midwestern Legislative Conference in 2001. In January 2004, John was selected the national legislator of the month by the Center for Policy Alternatives.
As a leader on the chapter’s Executive Committee, one of John’s priorities was creating a culture where everyone feels welcome, as well as spotlighting the disproportionate impact of environmental issues on communities of color. He sees increasing the diversity of the chapter’s leadership as an important step, and has helped to recruit and appoint members who bring new perspectives. John’s robust involvement as a volunteer also included state and federal citizen lobbying, fundraising, representing the Sierra Club to coalition partners, and communications. From his time as a chapter leader, he particularly enjoyed the Clean Energy Tours that allowed him to travel around greater Minnesota, which fit well with his passion to amplify voices that are not always heard.
The 2015 legislative session will offer both opportunities and obstacles for protecting Minnesota’s air, water, land and climate. To tackle this challenge, we are fortunate to have John in his new role.

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