Gearing up for Sierra Club’s 19th Annual Bike Tour

By Jill Boogren
The 19th Annual Sierra Club Bike Tour is fast approaching (Sat. Sept. 20thSign Up Here), and we’re getting ready to roll!
We’ll be riding in Minneapolis this year, starting and ending at the Greenway Building (2801 21st Ave. S.) near the Hiawatha-Lake St. LRT station, and traveling through Prospect Park, the U of M, Downtown, Northeast, and North Minneapolis — 21 miles in all.
Early this month our merry band of scouts pedaled the route so we can bring you the most interesting, bike-friendly ride possible. Here’s a sneak preview:
Surly’s Destination Brewery, being constructed a short hop from the U of M Transitway and near the 29th Avenue Green Line LRT station.
The new Bluff Street Trail, connects the Dinkytown Greenway to Downtown Mpls.
Bluff Street tunnel
Appreciating the skyline AND the protected bikeway (not fully shown) on the Plymouth Ave. bridge over the Mississippi.
Plymouth Avenue bridge & lighthouse
The first bike traffic control signal installed in Minnesota is on Broadway at 5th St. NE.
Minnesota's first bicycle signal
Look who we saw! This impressive beauty stands somewhere on 5th St. NE, a bit north of our Tour Route I think.
Giraffe in Northeast Minneapolis
Once across the bridge it’s uphill on Lowry, but with Open Streets Lowry happening on the same day, you’ll be able to stretch your legs a bit and enjoy a street closed to motorized traffic.
Lowry Avenue bridge
After a breezy downhill ride on Theodore Wirth Pkwy, we followed the bike lanes on Plymouth Ave.The pre-ride was in the evening, and a lighted-painted intersection added visibility (no worries about darkness setting in on Tour day, though!).
Lighted intersection
Safety message where a new protected bikeway will be installed on Washington Ave.
Bike safety message
This Bike Tour is jam-packed with new and future bike features. It’s a leisurely tour, with plenty of rest stops, guest speakers, a delicious lunch, great company, and good fun. Come Join us on Saturday, Sept. 20th, 9am-2pm. Bring a friend!

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