You Inspire

We asked our social media interns to share with us what inspires them, and we’re sharing their responses with you. They inspire us!

by Laura Humes

What’s really exciting about environmental advocacy is that it’s not only about protecting beautiful natural places, but empowering people as well. It’s about mobilizing communities around issues they care about. It’s about acting to realize our goal of sustainability not just in the future, but right now.

So what inspires me to get involved and take action to protect the environment? Simply put, it’s the people. The Sierra Club North Star Chapter is full of passionate, inspired, and motivated individuals who realize the importance of environmental protection; people who understand that we are not separate from the natural places we seek to protect. Nature is where we go hiking on the weekends, where we walk our dogs, where we fish and swim, it’s the air we and our families breathe and the water we drink. Nature is an integral part of life.


It inspires me to see people acting to protect natural places that are personally significant to them, whether it be through personal lifestyle changes, supporting a candidate or policy, or participating in a Sierra Club event. In the past few months alone, Sierra Club members have helped elect a new mayor, pressured Xcel Energy to move beyond coal, and advocated for increased alternative transportation options in the Twin Cities.

Slide19 (2)

Interning at the Sierra Club for the past few months has allowed me to see the great power of many people working towards a common goal. By making our voices heard, we have had a tremendous impact.

But the work is not over.

Now is a great time to get involved (or continue your involvement) with the Sierra Club. Whether you care about clean water, preserving natural habitats, or finding ways to live more sustainably, there’s a way to participate. Learn how to make your holiday season greener, speak out against the dangers posed by sulfide mining, or get involved in a number of other ways at the Sierra Club website.


In my time here at the Sierra Club, I’ve become increasingly optimistic that Minnesota has what it takes to protect its environment and its people. One of my favorite quotes by Margaret Mead summarizes this feeling the best: “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” What inspires me to get involved with the Sierra Club? Simply put, it’s you all.

Want to see more of the Sierra Club North Star Chapter’s 2013 highlights? Have a highlight you want to share in the comments below?

Laura Humes is a student at Macalester College with a passion for conservation, sustainability, and community activism. She was also the mastermind behind Sierra Club North Star Chapter’s Inspirational Photos this fall. 


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