Sierra Club at Pride

by Miranda Adams, Clean Energy Intern

With recent LGBT rights victories both in Minnesota and across the country, it was no surprise that the Twin Cities Pride festival this year was more exciting than ever. Among the hundreds of thousands of people celebrating was a group of dedicated Sierra Club volunteers who spoke to countless festival goers on Saturday in the hot sun. Our bright yellow shirts barely even stood out among the crowds of colorful outfits and costumes, but with clipboards in hand we were able to speak with hundreds of people about stricter water pollution standards for coal fired power plants. You can sign the petition online yourself.
In just a few hours, we collected over 300 postcards in support of these public health protections for our water that we can now send to the Environmental Protection Agency. Not only did we blast through our goal for the weekend, but we’ve now reached our goal for the entire summer: 500 postcards from Minnesota that show overwhelming public support for cleaner, safer water. Pride is the place to be when it comes to great causes, and clean water was no exception; people showed great enthusiasm for the issue, with many folks signing up to volunteer in the future.
After such a successful afternoon of petitioning, our volunteers enjoyed the Pride festival!
 Want to join us for more exciting upcoming volunteer opportunities? Click here to sign up!

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