New EPA Health Protections for Clean Water!


By Joram Kluge

On Friday, June 7, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) published its proposal for new water pollution standards to reduce toxic wastewater discharge from power plants (also known as Effluent Limitation Guidelines or “ELG”)! These water pollution standards have not been updated since 1982, despite the fact that power plants are responsible for more than half of all toxic pollutants discharged into surface waters. After 30 years it is time to push for more stringent controls and standards by supporting the EPA’s proposal. With the official opening of the public comment period, we need you to send in your opinion to the EPA – and help protect our water, environment and public health.

Visit to submit your comment.

Steam electric power plants produce massive amounts of wastewater every day, and four out of five power plants currently lack any limits on the amount of toxic metals they emit. Being the responsible for cancer and other medical conditions, toxic metals not only put our health in jeopardy but also destroy our natural environment. Now, the new EPA proposal is moving forward with critical safeguards.

The EPA’s proposal is based on data collected from industry, and includes a phase-in period for new requirements between 2017 and 2022.

After 30 years of outdated pollution standards, it is time to push for the strongest and most efficient controls by submitting your comments to the EPA.

Joram Kluge is a Clean Energy Intern for the Sierra Club North Star Chapter.


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