Minnesota’s local North Star Chapter has designed a video series that highlights the hard work and achievements of our members and volunteers. Kickstarter provides an opportunity to make this concept into a reality. Kickstarter.com is a website where people with great ideas, but not enough funding, can go to gain support for their project. As a funding platform, it allows supporters to contribute in return for rewards. With ‘all-or-nothing funding’ a project will be funded if it reaches its full goal, but if it does not reach the full goal, then none of the donations are charged.

The “I’m a Minnesotan Sierran” Video Project will be comprised of ten videos that present the amazing ways Minnesotans have contributed to the North Star Chapter. It will also feature the issues the Sierra Club is working on in Minnesota and ways to get involved. To be able to produce this high quality video series we will need help from you! Meeting our goal on Kickstarter will make it possible for us to buy the filming and editing equipment we need. The series will be available to download, and also posted here on our blog.

You can support the North Star Chapter’s Video Project in a variety of ways. The best way to back the project is by donating on Kickstarter. Donations start at just $1, and every little bit helps. You can also support us by sharing our cause and Kickstarter with your friends, and by liking the website on facebook. So far we have had eight people support our cause by donating, but we need more support to reach our goal! If we don’t reach our full goal within two weeks, we won’t receive any of the donations. 

To donate or learn more, please visit Kickstarter at:

Thank you for all of your donations and support!


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