Global Wind Day Celebration Success!


Last Friday June 15th, Global Wind Day was celebrated in Loring Park. Despite the almost complete lack of wind, participants joyfully attempted to fly kites. Children and adults alike made pinwheels, and many were eager to learn about wind power in Minnesota and the United States. Many passersby signed postcards to support Xcel Energy’s commitment to clean energy in its Integrated Resource Plan.


Around the world, nearly every continent (Antarctica excluded) hosted a Global Wind Day event. In North Carolina, the public was invited to “celebrate and discover the power and possibilities of wind in coastal North Carolina” on Jennette’s Pier (Global Wind Day). They utilized a public presentation and several wind turbine demonstrations to show the public the large potential offshore wind had in their state. On the Island of Bornholm in Denmark the Danish Wind Industry Association was part of the Folkemode (The People Meeting) where citizens, decision-makers and associations debate political issues in an informal setting during the weekend of Global Wind Day (Global Wind Day). In Chennai, India, a signature campaign took place, with the general public and the Canter Van going throughout the city announcing Global Wind Day and distributing flyers (Global Wind Day). In Sandton, South Africa, industry leaders and a world-renowned yachtsman and motivational speaker attended a business breakfast to discuss wind energy (Global Wind Day). And those are just a few examples.


It is extremely important that wind power is supported globally because the wind is always blowing somewhere. We would like to harness that wind and bring energy to every possible place with the power it generates. Thank you all who came out to support the Sierra Club and Global Wind Day!


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