More Than Half a Million Carbon Pollution Comments Delivered to EPA

Crossposted from Sierra Club Scrapbook; by Tom Valtin


On April 24, the Sierra Club joined a coalition of groups in delivering to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) more than 500,000 public comments in support of EPA’s carbon pollution safeguards.


The half-a-million comments demonstrate the broad national support for these critical protections, which were announced in late March. More than 154,000 of the comments came from Sierra Club members and supporters.


Carbon pollution is the main contributor to climate disruption and is linked to life-threatening air pollution like smog—which triggers asthma attacks—making it a serious hazard to Americans’ health. Right now, 158 million Americans live in counties with unacceptable air pollution levels.

Coal-burning power plants are the primary source of carbon emissions in the U.S. Once finalized, the new EPA protections will ensure that new power plants will meet public health standards and protect Americans from dangerous pollution.

EPA Deputy Administrator Bob Perciasepe (at left) thanked the coalition for the comments, saying they help EPA accomplish its mission.

Tell EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson that you, too, support strong carbon pollution protections. And learn how you can get involved in helping move America beyond coal.

Photos by Trey Pollard






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