Solar video sneak peek!


Against a backdrop of a garbage burning plant in Minneapolis, Minn., Able Energy Co. is fitting the Royalston Maintenance Facility with solar panels to provide clean energy to the building. IBEW member and Able Energy owner Mike Harvey gave a tour of the installation and talked about why he supports solar energy.

“The cost savings for taxpayers is significant with solar energy,” he says. “It saves millions of dollars. The panels could last fifty to sixty years. Solar pays for itself. You can’t get any huge breakthroughs in solar technology that will be economical to the average consumer, so it doesn’t really matter that technology might change.”

The Royalston Maintenance Facility would produce 150,000 kW hours per year and the biggest maintenance would be snow removal. Solar power in the winter is more efficient, though, because the panels work better in cold than in hot. For that reason, Minnesota’s solar potential is very high.

“It definitely creates jobs,” Harvey says. “I didn’t make enough to employ anyone until I got into solar.”

Coming soon, we’ll feature Mike Harvey and other solar advocates in a video about solar power. While you wait, please enjoy the trailer!


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