Sled dogs come to St. Paul!


On Thursday, March 8th, former state Representative Frank Moe completed his 360 mile sled dog journey from Northern Minnesota to St. Paul, carrying with him over 13,000 signatures on petitions calling for a ban on toxic sulfide mining in Northeastern Minnesota!

The trip took Frank from Grand Marais, and included stops and events along the way, including in Ely, Finland, Isabella and Duluth.


Photo by Lori Andresen

A crowd of a over 200 gathered on the steps of the Capitol on Thurday for Frank’s arrival. After a short introduction and some music, Frank spoke about how mining in Northeastern Minnesota had the potential to destroy jobs, including his own outfitting business.

“This is how we make a living up there. And to compromise 30,000 jobs for a few hundred for 20 years and leave a legacy of pollution behind, that sounds like a bad trade to me,” said Moe.


Photo by

Sierra Club volunteers have been active in Minnesota mining issues since the founding of the North Star Chapter in 1968.

Sulfide mining, a toxic type of mining never done before in Minnesota, is risky to our environment, workers and communities. Mining sulfide rock releases acid and toxic metals that pollute rivers and groundwater for hundreds of years — long after the profits are spent and the products buried in landfills.

To learn more and get involved, contact the North Star Chapter or join us on Thursday, April 26 at 7 p.m. for a film, speakers and discussion at the Eastside Food Cooperative.


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