The Race To Protect Minnesota from Acid Mine Drainage


Frank Moe and his Huskies

Former State legislator and dog sled musher Frank Moe is planning a dog sled run from northeastern Minnesota to St. Paul. Frank Moe and his dog team will deliver petitions from across the state to the Capitol on March 8th. Concerned citizens, local businesses, and many environmental organizations and groups are involved in the fight to save our beloved Arrowhead Region from copper-nickel sulfide mining, a dangerous new type of mining never before permitted in Minnesota.

Sign our “Prove It First” Sulfide Mining Petition!

 The Race to Protect Minnesota from Acid Mine Drainage

Join former state Rep. Frank Moe and two teams of dogsleds that will be hand-delivering petitions from across the state to Governor Dayton, seeking to protect northern Minnesota’s waters and natural resources from sulfide mining.

Frank’s team will be departing Grand Marais, and a second team will be leaving from Ely. The teams will stop in Isabella – join together in Finland, and then make two stops in Duluth along their way to St. Paul. The public is encouraged to come and visit with the mushers and their dogs at a number of events along the way, and to hear speakers and learn more about the threats posed by sulfide mining in Minnesota’s water rich environment.

Schedule of events:

March 5, West Duluth Munger Inn Event 9-10 am
(Williard Munger Inn, 7408 Grand Ave.)

March 8, St. Paul Capital Event 10:30-11:30 am
(75 Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.)

The trip is described as a celebration of Minnesota’s natural heritage. The mushers will be making their trip snow or no snow, using high-density plastic on the runners that can travel over bare ground. “We’re going to do it regardless of the conditions. We’re going to get the word out and we hope to inform some Minnesotans, a lot of whom still don’t know about the potential impacts of acid drainage mining,” said Frank Moe, referring to sulfide mining.

What is sulfide Mining?

The mining industry has spent many years exploring for base metals across northeastern Minnesota. It is clear that the multinational companies plan on reaping large profits on exploiting Minnesota’s natural resources. What is not so clear is how they will put the land back together once it has been blasted, crushed and processed. Minnesota’s base metal ore deposits are low-grade and highly disseminated, that is one reason they haven’t yet been mined. Because the ore body is so low grade, mining would result in 99% waste rock; open pits, waste rock piles, dikes and tailings basins would replace the forests and wetlands of  the Superior National Forest.

Acid Mine Drainage (AMD)

Sulfides in the waste rock and tailings would react with air and water to eventually form sulfuric acid (H2SO4). Acid Mine drainage (AMD) and leaching of unrecoverable heavy metals in the waste rock and tailings would contaminate ground and surface water flowing into two watersheds: east into Lake Superior or north into the BWCAW and the Rainy River. Acid Mine Drainage and toxic heavy metals can pollute rivers and groundwater for hundreds to thousands of years, long after the profits are spent and the products buried in landfills.



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