Fort Snelling State Park Maple Syrup Outing

Join us for a
nother urban to wild excursion in the Twin Cities back yard.

When: Saturday, March 24, noon to 3:00pm.

Where: Fort Snelling State Park Visitors Center and environs. Meet at the Fort Snelling light rail station at noon for the walk to the park.

Cost: the program is free. The transit cost is $1.75 for adults each way.

Transit access: Many bus lines bring you to the light rail, from points in both Minneapolis, St. Paul and Bloomington. For help, visit metro transit’s website, or consult the leader.

Details: We are rebooking the popular event that was cancelled last spring due to flooding!

 The outing consists of both a walk to explore the best route to take on foot from the station to the park, and the park program on maple syrup making. We’ll first walk through an urban area to the historic fort, and then down into the park to the visitors center, distance about 1 mile. Total walking distance to and fro, including in the park: 2-3 miles. We should have time at the visitors center to snack or lunch (not provided), and watch the birds before the program begins at 1pm.

For more information and t
o rsvp, contact, (651) 699-9667.



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