Calling for the Clean Air Act

by Caroline Elling

On Wednesday evening, February 15th, Sierra Club volunteers met at the North Star Chapter office to do their part to protect air quality and human health. More specifically, they were protecting monumental legislation issued in December that will result in a 90% cut in hazardous mercury as well as other toxins. Less mercury exposure means saved lives, cleaner air, and cleaner lakes in Minnesota. However, despite substantial support from the American public, corporate polluter lobby groups are attacking the new ruling in Congress. In response to these attacks, the Sierra Club reached out to its supporters and encouraged them to send a message to their Senators, asking that they oppose all bills that weaken the Clean Air Act and threaten these necessary new health protections. Dedicated volunteers spent part of their night on Wednesday making this happen by making phone calls.

The event was a huge success. Together the team of six, enthusiastic volunteers transferred 79 people to the voicemail boxes of Senators. Across the country, Sierra Club supporters left over 273 voicemails to Senators!

We’ll be calling to support the Clean Air Act on the 3rd Wednesday of each month – join us next month on March 21st from 6 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. at the Sierra Club office. Pizza and training will be provided! Contact Joshua Low to sign up.


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