Vote for the Green Team’s “Climate Control” Song!

by Rachel Collins, DeLaSalle High School Junior and Sierra Club Intern

“Get Your Green” is the slogan that the High School for Recording Arts “Green Team” uses to promote their goal of educating students, and the community, about issues surrounding the environment and the economic impact it has on the youth of our generations future. In the surrounding communities of St. Paul and Minneapolis, the Green Team helps to promote others to “Get Your Green” on. And now they need us to help them get their message of green living out. 

Green Team performs at 2012 Moving Planet event at the St. Paul Capitol

Green for All’s  “Dream Reborn: Who’s Next” is a competition where different local artists from around the country can both promote their ideas of environmentally friendly green living, and get their name and musical talents out into the nation. Following in the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, this competition brings both music, and the struggle for justice and equality together to build one dream that we can all believe in. The group who gets the most “likes” wins $1,000 and the chance to shoot a music video to their song with a professional director!

This year, the Green Team has submitted one of their own songs, “Climate Control”, to be voted on. Here is what you can do to help them get their message out: Vote by clicking “like” next to “Climate Control” here

Voting ends February 17th, so get on to your phone, laptop, or computer, vote, and “Get Your Green On” by sharing with your friends!

To vote, click like on the Green Team’s “Climate Control” song here:

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