Sierra Club’s 2011 Solstice Party and Get Your Green Team Crew!

2011 Solstice Party - 7D_1536 - Low Res-©

This years Sierra Club’s Solstice party was groovin’ and movin’ to the sound of the High School for Recording Arts’ Get your Green Crew’s amazing rap music on how we are going to clean up our air, stop our dependance on fossil fuels, and create green jobs for all communities. This group of young, gifted, talented, youth also received the Sierra Club’s Julia Berg Memorial Student Award.


This award is presented annually in memory of Julia Berg, an inspiring young woman who served as a Unity Summer intern with the North Star Chapter in 2005, to honor a student who has made an extraordinary contribution to our work.


Get Your Green is a project which integrates principles of science, technology, engineering and math in order to educate the community about the issues surrounding the environment, electricity, and the alternative and renewable energy sources that produce electricity. Additionally, students learn about the future of the green economy as well as the education they need to obtain jobs in this growing field. Students are involved in various environmental activist projects, all of which involve music the students have produced around these issues.

2011 Solstice Party - 7D_1544 - Low Res-©


Sierra Club’s Environmental Justice Program will continue their work and support with the Get Your Green Team through 2012. We will support and help with the energy audit they would like to conduct in their school. We will also connect with other schools and students to build the youth green movement. The students will blog about their experiences and perspective along with performing in various locations to reach youth with the arts.

2011 Solstice Party - 7D_1503 - Low Res-©


These students basically take their math and science lessons and put the knowledge to music. It clears by listening to the lyrics, these students have a clear understanding and a clear message on how we are going to save our planet and make sure it is an inclusive green movement that is strong enough to address pollution and poverty at the same time. 


Be sure to check their facebook page and watch some amazing videos they have put together. You can also leave a message of support as well.


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