National Wildlife Refuge promotes transit use

The Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge, a wilderness in the metro area back yard, once again has an event using light rail, Sunday, Jan. 8, 1:30 – 3:00pm. 

It’s called “Going Wild: Rail to Refuge”, and shows people how to reach two units of the far flung refuge. Here’s the description:
Ride with a Ranger on the Hiawatha Light Rail and discover how easy it is to access one of the Twin Cities wildest natural areas via mass transit. Meet at the Bloomington Visitor Center and come prepared for a guided ride and hike to the Bass Ponds. Weekend fares are $1.75.

If you’re already familiar with transit, check out other Refuge programs at their website. The light rail stop for the Visitors’ Center is now the newer, closer, American Boulevard stop (previously it was Bloomington Central). The Center is open Monday through Friday, and one weekend a month. The winter calendar has a tantalizing range of programs including snowshoeing, birding, nature writing and plant recognition. Not bad for what is practically an urban park.

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