Minnesotans Support Stronger Protections from Toxic Mercury Pollution

Mercury and other air toxics continue to threaten the health of people across the nation. As of yet there are no national limits on the amount of mercury that a coal plant can emit and it has been estimated that nearly 48 tons of the toxic material is dumped into our atmosphere from coal burning power plants every year.

This heavy metal makes its way into Minnesota’s waterways and into the fish we eat. In fact, all of Minnesota’s waterways carry a fish consumption advisory due to the dangerously high levels of mercury.

In this video, local Minnesotans share why they care about stronger protections from mercury pollution and urge the President to stand up to Big Polluters by supporting the EPA’s new proposed mercury rules. These regulations, if enacted, would reduce the amount of mercury released into the environment by over 90%, a big step in protecting Minnesotans from toxic mercury.


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