Students Take Action Nationwide to Move Campuses Beyond Coal

by Kirstin Taggart


Coast to coast students are taking a stand against coal. Students across the country believe it is time to advance to cleaner, more renewable energy sources; universities and campuses are the starting point. So how big is this movement?

By plugging “universities beyond coal” into any search engine, it becomes apparent that the movement is growing at an astonishing rate. The University of Minnesota, Michigan State University, Virginia Tech, Penn State, Cornell University and University of Wisconsin are just some of the institutions with active student groups. This push towards clean energy has been growing in momentum after students living on campus have been burdened with health problems, and riddled with coal filth. At Virginia Tech students have taken measures to increase awareness and move their campus beyond coal.

A student at Virginia Tech captured officials’ attention by “…showing off a black soot covered towel she used to wipe down her window sill.”

Over 100 activities have been planned to initiate action and support—60s dance parties, flash mobs, camp outs, rallies, art builds and call-in-days. These actions are meant to attract attention from all directions to a problem that affects not just students, but millions nationwide. So put on your disco pants, pack up the tent and link arms with students across America to help move our nation’s universities beyond coal. Let’s fight for our right to a clean future.

For more information visit If you want to get involved with Campus Beyond Coal at the University of Minnesota, contact Amanda Primeau.


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