Sometimes All it Takes is Just Picking up the Phone


Cross-posted at the Minneapolis Bicycle Coalition blog

What’s Wrong Here?

26th Avenue South in Seward/Longfellow is on the Minneapolis Bicycle Plan Map to have on-street bicycle facilities and Hennepin County has a Complete Streets Policy.  So when the road was resurfaced last summer and bike lanes were only striped south of the Midtown Greenway, I scratched my head, thinking: “what’s wrong here?”   Bike lanes on 26th Avenue north of the Greenway, connecting it to Franklin Avenue were mysteriously missing.  There was no good explanation for the oversight. 

“Quick” and Easy Fix

First, I found out who resurfaced the street by calling my city council member’s office.  Who knew that 26th Avenue is actually County Road 48?  So the County was my target.  After a call and email to my county commissioner’s office, I was connected to the project engineer.  Presto!  Promises were made that it would get fixed this summer.  Last week, it did.  A shout-out to Hennepin County.  Happy riding, Minneapolis bicyclists!

Moral of the Story:  Be Aware, Take Action

Is there road construction on a street you ride (or would like to ride if it had better/safer bike facilities)?  Is a street near you going to get resurfaced soon?  Pick up the phone and drop an email.  Sometimes it’s that easy.


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