Enjoy a natural green space in the heart of the cities!

Hop on the bus, the train or your bike and join Sierra Club members and others for a guide visit of the Midtown Ecoyard. 

When: Saturday, July 9, 10-11am.

Where: The Ecoyard, at the “Green Institute building” near Hiawatha and the Midtown Greenway.  Meet at the Ecoyard’s entry Plaza, located at the corner of 28th st. and 21st Ave – one block north of the Lake Street LRT station and the #21 bus stop.
Who: Gregg Thompson,* a sustainable landscape specialist who helped plant the natural area, will share his love and knowledge of the native plants growing here, along with some history of the site.  
Post Tour Option: For more nature enjoyment, we’ll hop the train (with or without bikes) and head to Minnehaha Park for a walk and picnic lunch.

How: By transit: LRT or #21 bus to the Lake Street Station. Walk one block north and one block west to 21st. ave. Check metrotransit.org  for connections or call the leader for help. By bike: the Ecoyard is adjacent to the Greenway – you can’t miss it. For directions, call the leader or go to cyclopath.org.

Leader: Deb Alper, depalper@yahoo.com, or 651-699-9667. Please RSVP so that you can be notified if there are changes.

*Gregg Thompson is a Water Resources Specialist with the City of Eagan.  He has been involved in native plant restoration & revegetation, stormwater-treatment practices utilizing native vegetation, and bio-stabilization on shoreland and streambanks.  Gregg has over 15 years of sustainable landscape development experience working on residential, commercial, and public land-use projects.  Gregg was involved in planning and planting the Midtown Ecoyard in his previous work with the Metropolitan Conservation District.

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