New Ulm Citizens for Clean Energy Ask for a Coal-Free New Ulm


While other cities and utilities across the country are looking to move away from coal and towards clean energy solutions, the City of New Ulm is planning to spend $24+ million to take a step backwards and return to burning coal, the dirtiest form of energy. This plan will mean more mercury, soot, smog, and other pollutants for New Ulm residents and surrounding communities.

On Tuesday night, Charles Stephens, Bernice Schmitz, and Jeanie Hinsman presented New Ulm Citizens for Clean Energy’s concerns with this plan to the New Ulm Public Utilities Commission (PUC). They asked the PUC to stop moving forward with the conversion to coal and instead revisit its longterm power plan, taking into consideration sustainability. The New Ulm Journal covered the meeting – click here to check out the article.

The PUC took no action at last night’s meeting, but New Ulm Citizens for Clean Energy will continue to fight this proposed plan. Click here to sign our petition for a coal-free New Ulm, and if you live nearby, join Citizens for Clean Energy at our next meeting on June 14th at 6 p.m. Contact Jessica Tatro for details.


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