Circulator bus route to include parks

Transit to Green Space highlights how to access Twin City area parks without a car and shares our efforts to better link public transit and green space.

No, unfortunately this isn’t happening in the Twin Cities area!

As reported in the April newsletter of “Embrace Open Space” (a Twin Cities collaborative promoting green space), the project is underway in Louisville, Kentucky thanks to a $7.9 million dollar grant from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. The overall goal is to promote healthier living and combat obesity.

What’s being created with the new funding is a weekend bus route with the purpose of connecting people to many destinations, including parks. The route – called the Louisville Loop Trail – will run for about 100 miles around the perimeter of the city, and will use bike-friendly buses with space for six bikes.

Could this ever happen in the Twin Cities metro area? A circulator bus of this type would greatly enhance accessibility to our far-flung regional parks – the largest and wildest – for many area residents. As a 2009 accessibility report indicates, outlying parks currently mainly serve the suburban people living nearby, all but a few of them arriving by car.

Read more about the Louisville Loop here!


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