Move Beyond Coal – Climate Action Plan Input Session


The Sustainability Committee at the University of Minnesota—Twin Cities has hosted two input sessions to generate feedback, ideas, and general discussion regarding the first draft of the University’s Climate Action Plan. After the University signed the President’s Climate Commitment in 2008, they began developing a plan for University’s strategy to become carbon neutral by 2050. Campus Beyond Coal made sure to have a strong presence at these meetings to demonstrate that Minnesota students are truly concerned about coal use and want to see an aggressive timeline for its elimination.

Facilities Management began the session with an ambitious proposal that was what the University community had been waiting to hear. As of now, Facilities Management is actively planning for reduced coal use at the Southeast Steam Plant, with the current goal of reaching an 85% reduction. A small amount of coal will be burned for system stability, so that the coal boiler still can be used as a back-up in the case where our natural gas is curtailed due to our current contract with Xcel. This proposal is a very exciting step forward for the University.

In addition, the University has committed to cut CO2 emissions by 50% in 2020—a move that we think is  unprecedented even among other colleges that have signed the President’s Climate Commitment!  Through this proposal, the U can make real, significant reductions in carbon emissions that will advance our school as a sustainability leader.


The final input session will be hosted on May 5th, with an emphasis on hearing from members of communities surrounding the plant, although anyone is welcome to attend. We hope you are able to come and show your support for this encouraging proposition!

Move Beyond Coal- Climate Action Plan Input Session
Time Thursday, May 5 · 9:00am – 10:30am
Location Borlaug Hall Room 365
1991 Upper Buford Cir # 411
Saint Paul, Minnesota


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