Restoring the Clean Water Act

Guest post by Ray Schmitz of the North Star Chapter Water and Wetlands Committee

EPA Volunteer Teaching Students on World Water Monitoring Day

In the midst of the bad news from the federal and state legislatures on the environmental front we actually heard some good news during a briefing by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as part of the Clean Water Network, Clean Water meeting last week.

The efforts to clarify the Clean Water Act (CWA) have been stopped in Congress, but the EPA and the Obama Administration are in the last stages of issuing policy guidance on the act. This would set the rules for the enforcement of the act. In summary, the guidance would return the CWA to its original intent – the “navigable waters” of the United States would mean that any water that is or could be used for the movement of, for example, a canoe, and would be protected by the standards in the law. In addition, any waters, such as marshes, that are linked to a “navigable” water, or part of an environmental unit, including even isolated waters, marshes, etc. would be protected.

This would help greatly in the protection of our waters. Want to help support the EPA? Contact your federal elected officials to encourage them to oppose current efforts by the house to limit the authority of the EPA in this and other areas!

Learn more about the history of the Clean Water Act.




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