Deliver Inhalers to Representative Erik Paulsen!


Join Environment Minnesota in delivering inhalers to Representative Erik Paulsen’s office tomorrow! Representative Paulsen voted to block the EPA from cleaning up dangerous pollution, and didn’t stand up for the health of his constituents. 

Scientists and public health experts at the EPA are recommending clean air standards that will reduce harmful air pollution, such as mercury, arsenic, carbon and lead.  But Representative Paulsen recently voted to block the EPA’s efforts and put our health at risk. 

We want to show him that there is a high prevalence of asthma in Minnesota, and that allowing more pollution will only make matters worse. Join Environment Minnesota at 10am Thursday, March 24th at his office in Eden Prairie (250 Prairie Center Drive, Eden Prairie, MN).

Date: Thursday, March 24th
Time: 10:00 AM
Location: 250 Prairie Center Drive, Suite 230, Eden Prairie, MN 55344 
Directions: From Minneapolis, Follow MN-100 S to 494W, exit at 11A. Follow signs to Eden Prairie Center

Guest post by Sierra Club ally Environment Minnesota.

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