Minneapolis Chain of Lakes: Luminary Loppet Outing on Lake of the Isles


How: Bus #21 from St. Paul, and bus #6 from Dinkytown to the Uptown transit center.

From where: One group with St. Paulites and a couple from Mendota started near the intersection of Fairview and Marshall in the Merriam Park neighborhood, the other from near the University at 4th street and 15th ave.

How long: The trip on the #21 from St. Paul takes about 40 minutes; from Dinkytown on #6 takes 32 minutes.

Ease: Both trips are very easy, bus service on these routes is frequent (especially the #21) and you arrive just across the street from the snow sculptures on the mall and the beginning of the ski run.Though generally longer than driving, on an event weekend with lots of traffic and people trying to park, you avoid a lot of hassle. Traffic was heavy due to the Loppet events, but our buses still arrived on time. Skis are permitted on the bus, and we had no trouble with them.

Worth doing: Definitely. Besides reaching our goal – the fabulous luminaries on Lake of the Isles – we had the fun and camaraderie of the bus ride. Not just within our group, but also with some other riders (for example, helping a man with a heavy pack, two boxes of pizza, and a little boy in tow). In addition, Metro Transit had provided free bus passes via the Loppet website – so how could you lose.

Check out the luminary pictures for the wonders of our skiing and walking outing. After the tour of the lake about 25 people gathered nearby for pizza at long time Sierra Club member Tom Clarke’s comfortable party room. Then homeward bound on the same buses, again with Metro Transit passes. Thanks, Tom! And thanks, Metro Transit, for promoting bus use to this event. 


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