Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Stone Arch Bridge – 10/10/10 Festival
Between 3rd Ave. Bridge and
St. Anthony Falls Bridge
Minneapolis, MN 55415

When: Sunday, October 10, 2010

By transit: From Roseville, take Bus Route #84 south, and get off at the intersection of Snelling Ave & St. Anthony Ave. Walk about 30 feet to the bus stop to get on Bus Route #94 heading west. Get off at the corner of 4 St. S. & Portland Ave, about five minutes after you pass the Metrodome. Walk north about four blocks until you see the river and the Stone Arch Bridge.

The #84 and the #94 both run every half-hour on Sundays, and the layover time is minimal (maybe 10 minutes). Both of the stops are easily noticed, and the stop at Portland Ave is easy since passing the Metrodome reminds you to keep an eye out. The walk from the bus stop to the bridge was about 10 minutes through Downtown Minneapolis, so not bad at all. Overall, the trip was very easy to navigate, especially when you plan it using metrotransit.org, or using the Google Maps app on your phone to get transit directions.

How long:
From Roseville to #84, to #94, to the bridge = 45 minutes riding the bus and 10 minutes walking.

Worth It:
The trip is definitely worth it (especially when a festival is going on). The Stone Arch Bridge is a really distinctive landmark in Downtown Minneapolis, and that area has a lot of interesting history, too. The bridge itself is a great place to go jogging or biking, or just walk across and take in the view of Downtown Minneapolis.


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