Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Lake Elmo Park Reserve Route Scouting
*Transit alone is impossible on the weekends*

*The above map is for WEEKDAY access only*
1515 Keats Ave N
Lake Elmo, MN 55042

When: Saturday, October 16, 2010

By transit: From the Roseville Shopping Center, take Bus Route #84 heading south. Get off at Randolph Ave. & Snelling Ave. Cross the street and get on Bus Route #74 heading east. Get off at Ivy St. & CR120. Bike north to CR5. Take a right on CR5 and bike 4.8 miles east until Klondike Road is on your right (just before the “Welcome to Lake Elmo” sign). Take a right on Klondike Road and bike south. Cross the train tracks and take a right at the stop sign (about ¼ mi south of CR5). Bike south on the dirt road until you come to the end of it (about another ¼ mi). Veer to the right and follow the thin trail that goes between the break in the fences. Follow this 100 feet to the paved path in the Lake Elmo Park Reserve.

The lack of bus routes on Saturdays makes this a very time-intensive trip. Also, the 10-mile round-trip bike ride is longer than most people care to go just to get to the park. The bike riding is on the shoulder of a 55 mph road. The shoulder is 7 feet wide for most of way, but having an SUV blaze by you at 55 mph makes that 7 feet seem not wide enough. On top of all this, the north entrance to the park used in during this trip is not really an entrance; but it’s the closest place a bus will get you to the park. Overall, the lack of decent tranist makes this trip more of an adventure than an relaxing outing.

How long:
From Roseville Shopping Center to #84, to #74, to the park = 1.5 hours riding the bus and 30 minutes biking each direction.

Worth It:
Lake Elmo is a beautiful park, and well worth visiting, but the time and effort involved in this trip makes public transportation an option of last resort. If you’re looking for an adventure or a challenge, this trip may be for you. But if you’re like most people who don’t want to spend half the day just getting to the park, public transportation on Saturday doesn’t leave you with any good options.

For Trips During the Week:
In Roseville, go to the bus stop at County Road B and Hamline Ave. Get on Bus Route #65 heading east. Get off at 5th St & Sibley/Wacouta St. Get on Bus Route #294 heading east. Get off at Stillwater Blvd & Klondike Ave N. Follow the directions listed above from Klondike Ave. Bus time: 1.25 hrs one way. Bike time into the park: About 10 minutes.


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