Fort Snelling State Park


By bike the park is easily accessible via the Mississippi River Trail which runs south from Minnehaha Park and into the state park below the fort.

By transit two possibilities are most obvious, neither of them perfect, both requiring walking through urbanized areas. 1) By LRT to the Fort Snelling LRT station. Follow Minnehaha Ave., Federal Drive and Bloomington Road south and east, under hy 55 into the fort area. From here take a walking trail down the slope to the state park visitors’ center. Distance from the LRT station to the visitors’ center is about 1 mile. 2) By the #84D bus in Saint Paul to Buca’s restaurant on Gannon Road. From the bus stop walk along Shepherd Road to the staircase that leads to the sidewalk on the north side of hy 5 (West 7th street). Cross the river and you’re at the fort. Distance from Bucas roughly 3/4 mile. Once at the fort you again take the walking trail down to the park visitors’ center.

Ease: You definitely have to know the area in order to use these routes into the park. The walk from the LRT station is not trafficky but is not interesting either until you reach the fort area. From the St. Paul side, Shepherd Road is pleasant, but the traffic on the hy 5 bridge is intense. (You are separated from it by a barrier.)

Worth Doing: Well worth biking. As for using transit, if you don’t own a car, it’s your only option for visiting one of our nearby urban wild areas. Pity it’s not more transit friendly.


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