Wood Lake Hike: How To

When: Saturday, April 17.

How: #4F Bus from Downtown Minneapolis

How long: Just under half an hour depending on your origin point. Twenty six minutes from the heart of Uptown.

Ease: Wood Lake Nature Center is easily accessible from downtown/uptown Minneapolis. This route runs about every half hour on Saturdays, and therefore any route that connects into downtown Minneapolis has an easy transition to connecting to a 4 line. This route drops you ½ block east of the Nature Center parking lot.

Worth doing: Yes, Wood Lake is an easy, central location that has a lot to offer. Take in nature literally in the middle of the City, spend some time inside the Nature Center brushing up on your local biodiversity knowledge or enjoy a picnic throughout the wooded and wild trails! Wood Lake also offers snowshoe and cross country skiing opportunities in the winter. A great amenity in our metro area worth exploring!

A handful of dedicated TTGS’rs spent part of this gorgeous Minnesota spring day exploring wildlife throughout the Wood Lake Nature Center. Bus, bike and carpool allowed outing attendees to join in from as far away as Anoka (thanks, Rich!). While we may have been a week or two too early for a lot of Spring blooms, the wildlife did not disappoint. The easy hike concluded with a picnic, fresh air and discussions of taking TTGS outings abroad. Now, we just need to find some sponsors….


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