Ultimate transit: Iguazu Falls, Argentina

Some far away places are easier to get to via transit than parks in the vicinity of our big cities. Take Iguazu Falls in northeastern Argentina for instance. In November 2009 we took a luxury bus overnight from Buenos Aires, about a 17 hour trip, (1288 kilometers) to the town of Puerto Iguazu, located where Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay meet. After being served a meal with wine, we were able to completely recline for the night with pillow and blanket. The next morning we had breakfast,and then arrived around noon in the town. From here we took a bus to our hostel and settled in. The next day we walked up the driveway to the road and took the same bus the 20 kilometers or so to the national park. This local bus runs every half hour to and fro between the town and the park, picking up people along the way. The cost at this writing is 5 pesos, roughly $1.25. The falls at Iguazu and surrounding rainforests and wildlife are truly wonderful. Check them out for ultimate car-free travel. A word of warning though: watch out for the “pigeon poop scam” near the big bus station in Buenos Aires. Google it if you’re curious – happy travels!


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