Regional Parks Map Shows Transit

The Regional Parks system map from the Met Council shows a number of parks reachable via transit. A parks planner says that this data was reviewed by Metro Transit for accuracy. A contact at Metro transit indicates this info comes from looking at route proximity to a park or other green space, but doesn’t tell anything about ease of access or availability – on weekends, for instance. In other words, the information is pretty theoretical, making transit outings to green space a testing ground for access.

The parks source indicates there is definitely concern about accessibility and mentions Silverwood, the new park in New Brighton, as one they hope will be used by school kids. The mode of transport would be school buses, however, not necessarily public transit. At Metro Transit our contact expressed positive interest in working together and suggested on our end we put together some ideas, which could include changes or additions to the Metro Transit web site or some form of collaboration on an event. We could then pursue the discussion with him.

Regarding the vision expressed in the Land Use and Transportation committee of a circulator bus to parks on weekends: the feds have apparently put the cabosh on this unless it were funded directly through Metro Transit. The reason? With outside funding (our idea was a grant) this type of route becomes “charter” service, and is now reserved for private bus lines. This is the reason Metro Transit can no longer provide free bus rides to the fair.


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