Eloise Butler Wildflower Garden – Total Group Overview

On a perfect Spring day in early May, thirteen audacious souls trekked to Theodore Wirth Park to test the ability of Metro Transit and Twin Cities trail systems to give us access to green space in our urban setting . Individuals successfully- and adventurously- arrived via bike, bus and carpool from all areas of the metro.

Proving it is possible to reach this urban treasure without car, outing participants came from Crystal, Minneapolis and St. Paul via bus connections and a well-connected trail-system. Estimated travel times from each non-car origin:
Travel Method
Trip Time
Bike via street/trails
40 minutes
Construction caused detour that lengthened trip
Minneapolis Uptown
Bike via Greenway/Cedar Lake trails
15 minutes
Met by Uptown Transit Station
St. Paul Macalester-Groveland
Two Bus connections (the 94 to the 9) + .6 mile bike ride
1 hour, 20 minutes
Connection bus stops moved. Return trip= 1 hour

For participants that carpooled, origin was around Falcon Heights and bus time is estimated at ~1 hour via downtown bus connections. Citing the infrequency of weekend buses from Falcon Heights, carpooling was used as a more flexible option for these participants.

Our outing started with a nature walk guided by a park Naturalist through the flower garden, enjoying spring in bloom and some of the season’s first trilium’s. After the hour hike, we paused for a quick picnic break, taking in the fresh spring air, wildlife and flora all around us. Post lunch part of the group dispersed while others explored the quaking bog- one of very few in the country.

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